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Catalog #97837

Catagory: Ships/Vessels/Boats
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: August 10, 2018 03:23
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Pls pps vsl for flwg FULLY FIRM COA order:

COA 1 year

4-6 shipments/ month - begin from end July- early Aug, 2018

35,000-50,000mts/shipment 10% molco lime stone in bulk

75-80% total shipments 40-50,000mts cgo to Chittagong draft 11.5m

About 15-20% of total shipments 30-35,000mts cgo to Mongla draft 9-10m

All cgo disc at anchorage direct to barges by ship's gear and receiver's conveyor

Loading port: 1sbp Vung Ang or 1sbp Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Discg port: 1sap Chittagong or Mongla, Bangladesh

Laycan: end July - early Aug for first shipment, after that every 7-10days for 1 shipments

L/d rate: 8,000 shinc/ 2,500 fhex uu

Frt: invite owner best fiost bss 1/1. Frt will be adjusted/considered again after every 6 months as the market level

Pls noted that: this is Bangladesh Military project, it's top priority for discg in Bangladesh, no wait for buoy/port even congested. Dem/des payment fair every shipment

Cgo: 20-25,000mts clinker in bulk

Loading port: 1sap Cam Pha, Vietnam

Discg port: 1sbp Nantong, China

Laycan: vsl date after 20th, july

L/d rate: 5,000/7,000 shinc bends

Frt: invite owner best fiost bss 1/1

Cgo: 13-15,000mts clinker in bulk

Loading port: 1sap Nghi Son, Vietnam

Discg port: 1sbp Nantong, China

Laycan: vsl date after 20th, july

L/d rate: 5,000/7,000 shinc bends

Frt: invite owner best fiost bss 1/1



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