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Smart design golf and hunting rangefinder

Smart design golf and hunting rangefinder


Catalog #97914

Catagory: Sports / Outdoor/ Camping
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: August 13, 2018 00:06
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Smart design golf and hunting rangefinder

150m, 200m, 250m to golf flag for choice!

MOQ 250 units factory irect

Modes Optional:

Golf Use:

JL007N-600G: Ranging+ Golf flag lock (Pinseeker)

Jolt JL007N-600G: Ranging+ Golf flag lock (Pinseeker) with Jolt

JL007N-600GA: Ranging+ Scan+ Golf flag lock (Pinseeker) + Slope(Golf distance correction)+Angle

Jolt JL007N-600GA: Ranging+ Scan+ Golf flag lock (Pinseeker) with Jolt+ Slope(Golf distance correction)+Angle

Hunting and Outdoor use:

JL007N-600S: Ranging+ Speed

JL007N-600H: Ranging+Scan+Angle+Veritical Height, Horizental distance

Golf & Hunting use:

Jolt JL003N-600GAH: Ranging+golf flag lock with jolt+ Slope+Angle+Level distance+Vertical height

Golf Distance Correction (Golf Slope) working principle Angle, Vertical height, Horizontal distance measure

Laser Rangefinder is a sort of measuring tool which can measure distance, speed, angle, Level Range, Vertical Height etc., when it set with different modes such as: golf pin-seeker, Golf distance correction (Slope),Jolt, speed, horizontal distance, vertical height, 2 points height difference etc., then it will be used in golf, outdoor & leisure, sports, camping, hunting, even construction measuring field.

Technical Data:

Measure Range: 5-600m, 150m to golf flag

Magnfication: 6x

Objective Lens Diameter: 25mm

Measuring time:0.5-1 Seconds

Accuracy: +/-1 M

Angle Range:-45 to +45

Focusing: Eyepiece

Power Supply: CR2-3V Battery (not included)

Dimention: 105x40x75mm

Net.Weight: 170g

Meter/Yard: Changable

Low Battery Indicator:Yes

Tripod adaptable:Yes

Unit Pack:

1.Plastic Bag

2.Nylon Case


4.Lens Cloth

5.Hand Strap


Mass Packing:


Carton size:36x30x25cm



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