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1L Pickle Jam Jar with Lid and 33cm Gold Charger Plates

1L Pickle Jam Jar with Lid and 33cm Gold Charger Plates


Catalog #99683

Catagory: Clearance/Liquidations
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: October 12, 2018 00:05
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1L Pickle Jam Jar with Lid and 33cm Gold Charger Plates

Just arrived

We have just arrived in stock:


1 Litre Pickle / Jam Jar with lids


Twist Off Lid Included

16cm in height

10.5cm diameter (base)

Ideal for vintage flower arrangement, sweets, Pickle or Jam Jar. The possibilities are to many to list

Our Price 45p + Vat


Gold Charger Plates

Charger plate

Gold in colour

Diameter 33cm - larger than your average dinner plate

Made from PP Plastic

Not dishwasher, microwave or food safe

Wipe clean only

Please note these plates have a brushed finish. Any marks on the plates are due to the manufacturing process and are not scratches or defects

These charger plates are a simple and inexpensive way to compliment your Christmas, wedding or dinner tables, with a splash of colour that can be incorporated to suit your theme.

Alternatively, create your own table centrepiece, using a charger plate as the base, then incorporating flowers, candles, baubles etc to complete.

Our Price 45p + Vat


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