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Request #10102018PRW B737-400 or A300-B4

Request #10102018PRW B737-400 or A300-B4


Catalog #99690

Catagory: Aircraft  -- Fixed Wing Supply and Leasing
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Date Added: October 12, 2018 00:21
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Request #10102018PRW B737-400 or A300-B4

I am looking for B737-400 cargo freighter or A300-B4 on 3 year charter lease contract only, basically a full charter type of lease but I will pay my own fueling and ground assistance, so its like ACMI but its not an ACMI its a charter, minimum 160 hrs per month from Dubai to Africa, Europe and Asia. Give us your best Block hour quote without fueling and ground assistance cost.

Please when responding include the original subject line.


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