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Welcome to Asian Dragon International Corporation (ADI). ADI Office

Retailers, wholesalers and most particularly Governments can enjoy substantial savings from dealing through ADI. An incredible and diverse daily listing of materials can purchased below cost through our extensive network of liquidators, excess stock suppliers ,warehouses and factories (direct) from around the world.

Asian Dragon International has built up years of strong and harmonious relationships with the biggest and best on the planet. Several of the worlds largest liquidators contact us as soon as an offer becomes available giving us and our clients first opportunity to snap us some incredible bargains

Asian Dragon has a massive global network databank of manufacturers,suppliers, traders,liquidators, warehouses, brokers and factories that can meet almost everyone's needs whilst providing significant savings over conventional suppliers. We have over 1,000,000 subscribers who receive our mailing lists daily 365 days a year.

Trading globally and specializing in developing countries for almost 4 decades, Asian Dragon International have developed relationships and strategies that have encouraged better ways of enabling the buying and selling of even the most difficult of procurements.

We have managed and developed a number of initiatives to open doors to government procurements by being competitive and we have a full understanding of the varied procedures required to dispose of and acquire products and materials to Governments at every level.

We welcome Government's and their procurement officers, the private sector organizations, NGO's and manufacturers to offer their excess stock, materials and products so that we can add them to our comprehensive data bank of suppliers and buyers.

We encourage private sector organizations and individuals that donate cash to various charitable organizations and NGO's to reconsider their next cash donation in favor of donating goods that stand a much better chance of reaching their targeted cause.

It's a fact only cents in your dollars donated reach the desired target of the donor. Where as donating clothing, food or low cost housing generally get to those in need as we can see the delivery through to the end.

Utilizing our approach the donor can physically be present when his donation arrives be it hospital beds and equipment, medical supplies or 40 foot container loads of selected liquidated food items or clothing , tents or even low cost housing all can be delivered directly to the needy.

We recommend donors to go visit the receivers of your generosity yourself or have a company representative on hand upon arrival of your donations .

Please check our liquidations for suitable food and medical products you or your company can donate and see the difference you can make, rather than hope your cash donation made a difference.

ASIAN DRAGON International (ADI) provides complete procurement, sales and logistics for its clients. In working with ADI, retailers, wholesalers and industry will have access to an ever growing and expanding, world-wide-based data bank of professionals.

Who We Are

The Company is Australian owned since it's inception in 1983. Its founder and directors from several countries have extensive trading experience throughout the world.

Aside from procurement, sales and logistics Asian Dragon International develops projects in development and construction. Many projects have been bought to completion and several are always under development with ADI's unique talent of networking the right business solution for each individual opportunity.

The diverse capabilities of the individuals and companies who have been involved with our organization, with its pioneering approach to developing projects from inception to completion underscores our company's ability to provide qualified, quality service in very diverse fields.

Over 35 years of hard work and development and neutering international relationships have resulted in an intimate knowledge of the logistics involved in relocating and shipping huge quantities of products and heavy equipment, trucks, buses and even aircraft and exotic animals.

Our team have traveled extensively throughout Europe and the USA since the mid 1980's inspecting and evaluating equipment for re-export from many U.S. And British military installations & re utilization Units (DRMO). We are fully qualified as experts in technical and supply aspects of military vehicles and equipment for re utilization, particularly in developing countries.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our hands on expertise of our Directors in everything from apples to zoo supply and have been directly involved in the delivery of "everything under the sun" from new and used aircraft sold and leased to the supply of highly sophisticated defense items to Governments.

We specialize in design and manufacturer under our own brand name, including but not limited to bagged cement, the latest in electric / solar cars and charging stations and of course development and marketing of our popular Trident tricars.

A percentage of every sack of Tiger and/or Dragon cement and every Trident Tricar sold is donated in worthwhile materials and needs to worthy charities in developing countries .

Our Mission

The equipment and products you expect, is the equipment or products you receive. We prefer to deal with one customer a thousand times, than a thousand customers once..

What ever you want, what ever you need .. Try us first ..


The Management