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33 × Range Rover HSE 3.0 Petrol model 2018

33 × Range Rover HSE 3.0 Petrol model 2018


Catalog #97846

Catagory: Vehicles  -- Cars
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: August 10, 2018 05:25
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33 × Range Rover HSE 3.0 Petrol model 2018


Subject to prior sales



VIN available!

13 台汽油揽胜HSE L405 3.0 SC V6 Petrol, MY 2018(中东版)

13 x Range Rover HSE L405 3.0 SC V6 Petrol, MY 2018

外观Color : Fuji White

内饰Leather : Ebony黑


025AM CD/DVD Player

029MI Spare Wheel-Full Size全尺寸备胎

031NL 20 X 8.5 Swirl Spkle Slvr Alloy 20 X 8.5 闪银合金轮

032BV Leather Steering Wheel 皮质方向盘

041CZ Roof - Sliding Panoramic 滑动天窗

088HA Veneer-Kalahari 单板 Kalahari

088HH Headlining - Morzine Morzine顶棚

088IA Terrain Response 2 2代地形

095CB All Terrain Progress Control全地形进程控制

173AB Soft Door Close 电吸门

300LT 16-way heated front seats with manual recline rear Seats 16向加热前座,后座手动调节

064QB Premium LED Headlights w/Signature DRL 高级LED大灯带签名

070BA Tailgate/Bootlid-Powered with Hands Free脚感电尾

038EA Cooled Console - Front 前冰箱

047EB Solar Attenuating Windscreen

064AP Front fog lamps 前雾灯

066AC Passive Entry/Push Button Start 一键启动

029QO 255/55 20'' A/T Tyre 20轮 255/55

022BR 4 Zone Climate Control 四区空调

025LM Meridian Sound System 地中海影响

033BV Heated Seats- Driver and Passenger’s 前座加热

086FA Rear View Camera后视摄像头

Price CFR China : USD 108.500,-- per unit

And 10 in August and 10 in Sep. Middle east version

attached vista print and sample VIN


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